The Grooveblaster Discography

The Grooveblaster B single:
• “Only the Shadows Know” (featuring Loey Nelson) b/w The Delta Force/BB Pops “(Go, Go) Get Away,” 45 (Don’t Records, 1992)

The Grooveblaster albums:
Look in the Mirror and Dig Yourself (Bopaganda Hi-Fi CD BOPHIFI 001) (6/6/2006)
Cities, Streets & Bebop Nights (Bopaganda Hi-Fi CD, digital BOPHIFI 002) (6/14/2008)
Out of the Past (Bopaganda Hi-Fi digital, BOPHIFI004) (4/5/2011)
The World Moves on a Woman’s Hips (Bopaganda Hi-Fi Digital Spotify Only BOPHIFI025)(2017)
The Eternal Hush of Silence – The Graphic Novel Soundtrack (Bopaganda Hi-Fi album, digital BOPHIFI040 (8/8/22)

The Grooveblaster singles:
• “B is for Benedetta” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI 003) (6/22/2008)
• “Southern Heat” (featuring Anji Bee) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI006) (7/1/2014)
• “Southern Dub” (featuring Anji Bee) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI007) (8/2/2014)
• “Hazy Grey” (featuring Jakki Jelene) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI009) (7/23/2015)
• “I Don’t Mind” (featuring Jakki Jelene) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI010) (8/24/2015)

• “Sweet Flows” (featuring Sarah Winton) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI011) (9/27/2015)
• “Dunaway” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI008) (10/30/2015)
• “Waiting for Snow in Havana” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI012) (11/30/2015)
• “Sunrise in Daca’s Eyes” (featuring Daca Kopanja) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI013) (1/29/2016)
• “Miles and Miles” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI014) (2/21/2016)

• “Set Your Pulse on Cool” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI015) (2/21/2016)
• “Simmer Down Blow Up” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI016) (3/29/2016)
• “Old Angel Midnight” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI017) (4/30/2016)
• “Dig the New Groove” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI018) (5/17/2016)
• “Destiny” (featuring Anji Bee) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI019) (6/8/2016)

• “Destiny” (Sans Sade-Stansfield-Bee Mix) (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI021) (7/13/2016)
• “Lonely Days” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi free single, digital BOPHIFI022) (7/26/2016)
• “Burn It Up” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, free release, digital BOPHIFI023) (6/28/2016)
• “Pretty Girls Don’t Ride The Subway” (single, free release, digital BOPHIFI024) (12/1/16)
• “Bop Dead City” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, free release, digital BOPHIFI026) 2/19/17

“All I See” (Featuring Jakki Jelene) (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI028) (10/30/2017)
“Waiting for James Bond” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI029) (05/24/18)
“And the Heat Goes On” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI030) (06/05/18)
“A Summer Place” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI031) (06/27/18)
“Comin’ Back from Birdland (With My Baby) “ (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI032) (05/07/21)

“Comin’ Back from Birdland (With My Baby) 1952 Mono RPM Mix” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI032B) (05/07/21)
“If Thoughts Could Sing (Gabby & Nate’s Theme)” (Featuring Jakki Jelene) (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI033) (05/14/21)
“The Saturday Night Feast of the Delightful Pudding” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI034) (08/24/21)
“Tenderness” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI035) (11/19/21)
“Cool Cat Lookin’ for a Kitty” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI036) (12/29/21)

“The All Night Record Man” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI037) (3/15/22)
“Despair and Happiness” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI038) (4/21/22)
“Late Night Seductress” (Bopaganda HiFi digital, BOPHIFI039) (8/3/22)

The Grooveblaster EPs:

Angie Dickinson “Angie Dickinson” (DJ Spinna Remx)/ “Angie Dickinson” (Moodswinger Vocal Vibe Remix)/ “Angie Dickinson” (Moodswinger’s R-N Beatstrumental Remix)/ “Angie Dickinson” (Old School Acid Jazz Remix)/ Angie Dickinson (Original Jazz Mix) (3345 Music) (8/20/2010)
Bop Dead City “The Riff (a Hipsters Life)”/ “The Spliff Bunker”/ “The Double Take”/ “Grooveblaster’s Theme” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi EP, digital BOPHIFI005) (11/15/2013)
3 Blues for the Night “Set Your Pulse on Cool”/ ”Old Angel Midnight”/ “Lonely Days” (Bopaganda HiFi EP, digital, BOPHIFI027) (9/2/2017)

The Grooveblaster contributions to compilations:
• “Holmes” OMCD_02.0 Music Sampler CD (OnMilwaukee.com, 2005)
• “Take a Hard Ride” Diesel Clothing Store Sampler (2008)
• “It’s in Her Kiss” The Chillcast with Anji Bee: 5 Years of Chillin’ CD (3/28/2011)
• “Put Some Music On” (featuring Anji Bee) Anji Bee – Put Some Music On EP (3345 Music) (1/24/2012)
• “Angie Dickinson” (Moodswinger’s Vocal Vibe) Candle Lounge, Vol. 1 CD (T-Lounge) (5/23/2014)
• “Angie Dickinson” (DJ Spinna Remix) DJ Spinna Presents the Sound Beyond Stars – The Essential Remixes CD, LP (BBE) (1/9/2015)

The Grooveblaster remixes:
• “The Power is Yours” The Yell Leaders Meet The Grooveblaster and “A Plateful of Hateful” The Redskins Meet The Grooveblaster A Flame That Can’t Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute 10” 33 RPM EP (Red Star Recordings, 2003) and Reds Strike the Blues: A Tribute to the Redskins CD (Red Star Recordings, 2005)
• “Panique Au Salon” Georges Deligny (The Grooveblaster Remix) Boutique Chic Collection CD (10/15/2007)
• “Love Me Leave Me” Anji Bee (The Grooveblaster Dub) Love Me Leave Me (Remixes) CD (9/20/2013)

The Grooveblaster in the 66th & Adlers:
• “Girl on the Run” (Bopaganda Hi-Fi single, digital BOPHIFI020) (6/16/2016)

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