The Grooveblaster’s ‘It’s in Her Kiss’ appears on Properly Chilled Podcast #43

The Grooveblaster’s ‘It’s in Her Kiss’ appears on the Properly Chilled Podcast #43. You can check out the mix on Mixcloud.

Hour one of episode 43 also includes new tunes from Second Sky, Kundalini Project, Fab Samperi, Missin Red, Novalima, Colm K and more.

In the second hour you’ll hear some afrobeat sounds by the likes of Honny & The Bees Band, Rob, The Whitefield Brothers, The Liberators, Danny Massure, Dirty Dubsters, Wganda Kenya, Ebo Taylor and others.

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‘It’s in Her Kiss’ is one of the songs featured on the newly released compilation 5 Years of Chillin, which celebrates the fifth anniversary of Anji Bee’s Chillcast. The song also appears on the new Grooveblaster album ‘Out of the Past’.