Soulful, Sexy and Sultry – You want it? The Grooveblaster has it

Soultful, sexy and sultry – you want it? You can get it all on The Grooveblaster’s new CD Out of the Past.

Out of the Past is now available on iTunes and The 13 song album features vocals by Anji Bee, Yasi Baby and Jana Tarasenko in addition to cosmopolitan groove instrumentals.

Anji Bee is featured on the Philly Soul style ‘Put Some Music On (Good Times)’ and the pop gem ‘Smiling.’ Yasi Baby sings on the the funky grooves ‘Dare’ and ‘Lady Groove’ while Jana Tarasenko is the vocalist on the sultry ‘Stretch Out and Relax’.

The album also includes instrumentals such as the Big Beat throwback ‘You Got That’; downtempo chills ‘Romantic is the New Fantastic,’ ‘Soulville,’ ‘Orange Popsicles and Lemonade’; the bebop of ‘Call Northside 777’; the heavy duty dub of ‘It’s in Her Kiss,’ (also featured on the new Chillcast with Anji Bee: 5 Years of Chillin’ compilation), and a love letter to the future ‘Kiss the Future.’