Jana Tarasenko and the Grooveblaster


Electronic and Jazz vocalist Jana Tarasenko and the Grooveblaster have collaborated on a new song, ‘Stretch Out and Relax.’ that appears on the Grooveblaster’s new CD Out of the Past. Jana Tarasenko has been featured on many successful Chillout and Lounge music productions.

You can hear her voice on compilations like Lounge du Soleil Vol. 5, which entered number one position on iTunes electronic charts in Germany, Luxury Lounge Café Vol. 3, established Sony series Erotic Lounge Vol. 8, Jockey Club Ibiza Vol.7, Pop Couture, popular download compilation Erotic Affairs Vol. 3, Lemongrass – the remix sessions, Lounge Café Malibu and Venice, compiled by DJ Nartak and Wonnemeyer presented by Raphael Marionneau, to mention only a few.